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Trek is the world leader in mountain bike technology. No surprise that our mountain bikes are the most technologically advanced on the market. Each platform leads its class, and every model is loaded with features and details that will make any ride, on any trail, better.


The Beargrease is our racing fatbike—simple as that. Think of all the terrain you can ride on a fatbike. Now think about riding it fast!

Speed drives every feature of the Beargrease. Available in carbon and aluminum, the frames feature thru-axle Makwa Carbon forks to dramatically increase the steering precision of the bike. Beargrease Carbon frames also feature rear thru-axles, while Beargrease 2 utilizes a quick-release rear wheel. The Beargrease is lightweight, agile and elegant, with internal cable routing and all excesses removed.

Fatbike doesn’t have to mean slow bike. Whether it is a 40-mile weekend race or the 1,000-mile Iditarod Invitational in Alaska, Beargrease is your best bet for fatbike speed.

Beargrease. Leave a fresh track.

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When you're flying down a back woods trail you can't afford to worry about how your bike's going to respond. We design our mountain bike components so they do what you want them to instantly. SHIMANO components create a more efficient bicycle-to-rider interface that demands less of your energy. We do it through low-effort and precise shifting systems and through linear response braking systems that deliver superior power and modulation. By using components that work for you, you can focus more on the task at hand riding your bicycle.



To be the best. It’s why you ride. It’s why we build components. The perfect combination of precision and brute force. No obstacles stopping us. No limitations slowing us down. Ours is a relentless pursuit: to make the climb shorter, the trail smoother, the turn tighter, the descent faster. To give you the strongest, lightest, quickest bike on earth. To be the best.

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Giant Find your new Mavic wheel at: Full line, specs, MSRP and more.


Whether racing or climbing on flowing singletracks, the Cross-country family will help you to be quick and save energy. Those fast and light products are all about responsiveness and efficiency thanks to the most advanced Mavic technologies. The perfect combo for fun and performance on trails.

A mountain bike is an amazing exploration tool. Mavic has designed products that are agile and versatile to enjoy all trails. They offer the right mix of comfort, performance and reliability and can be relied on in any conditions.

Explore the mountains, push your limits with full trust in your equipment: that's the motto of the All-mountain family. Those tough and dynamic products are made to last. Our testing is focused on strength and reliability, and the use of our key technologies makes the wheels efficient and pleasant to ride.

Trek Find your new Shimano wheel at: Full line, specs, MSRM and more.

Mountain Bike Wheels

Manufactured in-house by skilled craftsmen utilizing SHIMANO's cutting-edge production techniques, our Mountain Bike wheels are built to provide the best balance of speed and reliability for a wider number of riding styles. High-quality, proprietary materials provide superior driving rigidity for improved acceleration and riding comfort without unnecessary weight. Tested and refined by some of the best trail riders in the business, our lightweight yet durable wheels have been cultivated to provide performance that will last.

Find your new Enve wheel at: Full lin, specs, MSRP, and more.

Molded Spoke Holes and Valve Stem Holes
ENVE Composites’ patented process of molding in spoke holes is one example of how running continuous fibers strengthens the rims. Because carbon fiber gets its strength from continuous, unbroken fibers, ENVE routes the fibers around the hole which increases the strength of each spoke hole. This technique pays large dividends in the final product by allowing for a lighter spoke face in the rim without compromising strength. Because of this process, our spoke holes are capable of resisting higher spoke tensions which greatly reduces the risk of spoke pull-through during wheelbuild and on the road. Molded spoke holes also improve the quality of the wheelbuild itself. Because the fibers around the spoke face of the rim are 100% intact, spoke tension is distributed more uniformly around the rim. This makes it easier to build a wheel with even tensions, as well as produce a higher quality wheelbuild that will require less maintenance down the road.

Along with molding in the actual spoke hole, ENVE rims also feature molded-in, conical, nipple seats on the inside of each rim. Carbon rims have historically been notorious for fatiguing spokes prematurely. The molded in nipple seat allows the Pillar nipple to articulate and align with the exit angle of the spoke. This ensures that the spoke will not be bound against the rim or bent; greatly reducing the possibility of premature spoke breakage.

Find your new DT Swiss wheel at: Full line, specs, MSRP, and more.

Each year, riders are going bigger and getting faster. Whether it’s winning on the world cup circuit or setting their personal best on their favorite local loop, demanding riders seek out products that give them an edge. No matter how you ride, DT Swiss SPLINE ONE wheels have been designed to help you reach the next level.

From the high tech, heat dissipating carbon rims right through to the asymmetric aluminium rims Made in Switzerland, DICUT® wheels epitomize high end. Straight pull spokes and highly refinded hubs are state of the art wheel technology.

TRICON® wheels are characterized by their Open Crowfoot lacing. Their high spoke tension combined with the tubeless compatible rim makes for a stiff but comfortable riding wheel.

With straight pull spokes and use specific lacing, superlight hubs as well as high end rims featuring key DT Swiss technology, SPLINE® wheels make for a perfect training and racing partner.

Traditional wheelbuilding technique and more than proven componentry made from modern materials allow to build durable and race ready wheelsets for all kinds of riding – the CLASSIC line is the perfect evidence for that.

The term Straightpull refers to spokes with no bend at the head. This design allows for an ideal strength to weight ratio when compared to conventional spokes. Due to their more precise alignment and direct trajectory, straight-pull spoke technology creates a stiffer, more responsive wheel.

Tubeless tires have a number of advantages over the conventional combination of tube and tire.

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